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Because we together can make a difference!

Below there is a selections of reliable websites and organizations that need and would love to have our support

Thank you!!


Sofiya Stepan is a sister in law of my close and good friend Gosha Danilov, Sofiya and her 3 kids managed to flee from just south of Kyiv after spending their first week hiding in cold basements during air raid alarms, the next day after they left, a missile hit the house next to theirs completely destroying it. The evacuation was very quick, they had to leave everything behind, only carrying the clothes they were in, phones/chargers and a file with documents. No space for personal luggage. 3 days later they crossed the border of Romania on foot and received a warm welcome from Romanian volunteers. They are now safe, have a roof over their heads and food to eat thanks to all the kind people in Romania, yet their resources are very limited and with only one change of clothes/shoes, with no personal devices for youngest twins to continue school (they've been in remote learning already during COVID) - they certainly can use some help, we are making this fundraiser to help Sofiya and her kids with getting the most necessary things to make their refugee life safe, productive and to continue school. The funds will be transferred directly to Sofiya’s PayPal account and/or used to purchase and send needed items. Sofiya’s husband had to stay in Ukraine taking care of his sick parents who couldn’t leave the country. Your support is so helpfully amazing!

Thank you

Donations can be made in the link below

Sofiya Stepan

Olga Trushina

I know that many of you already gave to the Ukrainian cause (thank you so much ), but if you haven't because you want to:

▪︎ avoid unknown, bureaucratic charities and fees, and

▪︎ have the maximum impact for the most vulnerable still IN Ukraine,

then this is for you.

Friends that I trust created a group: TrustChain: Ukraine Warzone Volunteer Support Network

The mission of this group is to directly reach a network of 100% vetted volunteers in Ukraine who provide the on-the-ground work of procuring and delivering food, medical supplies and evacuations. We work through a system we call TrustChain, which is a social network of trusted connections on both ends. Your contribution is guaranteed to be delivered to people on the ground over our TrustChain network through a sequence of trusted connections. We will be posting regular updates with what the money was able to accomplish each day.

Venmo: Olga_True


Shelter Friend

In Ukraine, Shelter Friend is a non-profitable charity organisation and rehabilitation centre for homeless animals in Dnepr City, Ukraine. They are urgently looking for monetary donations to help sick and injured stray animals suffering during the war. For more information about how you can donate visit their Facebook page or email

Kyiv Animal Rescue Group

The Kyiv Animal Rescue Group are also urgently in need of funds to help support stray pets affected by the war. They are a voluntary association of animal rescuers that are not funded by the state or any foundations. If you want to make any donations, head over to

Viva! Rescue Centre

This animal rescue centre is helping care for animals who need urgent help in Ukraine. They are currently accepting donations, all of which will be transferred to workers on the ground in Poland. For more information, visit

"The war in Ukraine is a tragedy not only for people but also for animals. It is hard to describe the current situation – bombs and rockets are dropped on shelters, animals die on the spot or run around in shock," say Viva! Rescue Centre. "There is a shortage of food and resources for treating sick and injured animals. The situation is dramatic."

Shelter Sirius

Shelter Sirius is the largest shelter for homeless animals in Ukraine located in the Kyiv region. If you want to make a donation, please email or call +380 93 193 4069. Every small donation really does make a big difference.

Oleg Shinkazh


What does it take to lead on the front lines? Bravery, clarity, compassion and collective unity.

Interview clip with Alexei Voronin - the operational leader of the grass roots evacuation and resupply effort called Vehicles of Light on the ground in Ukraine.

We are buying cars for these folks that operate under horrendous and dangerous conditions to get vulnerable people to safety away from hot zones. The Vehicles of Light is a grass roots effort run completely by volunteers. At this point we have raised nearly $80,000 - enough for 4 used mini buses and the fuel to drive them. Our goal is raise funding for 10 more cars ($300,000). Please help, every dollar counts!!

Donation page

Facebook page

Paypal and Venmo to

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